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Keeping Your Kids Calm During Emergencies

Different Levels Of Onsite Emergency Medical Care

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Different Levels Of Onsite Emergency Medical Care

Having an onsite medic can be a great way to protect your business from liability. Whether you choose an onsite medic for one-off events or for daily health protection, there are several different levels of care to choose from. Here are some of the different types of onsite emergency medical services that you can choose from.   First Aid Equipment Rental The most basic type of emergency care that you can provide for clients and employees is first aid treatment. Going through an emergency service company, you can rent medical equipment from industrial wound treatment kits to CPR masks. Of course, these are most effective if you have someone in the office who is trained in first aid; you may want to designate employees to go through a first aid and CPR training course. Certified First Responders Certified first responders are a great option for providing basic life support in case of an emergency. These medical professionals are able to treat critical problems with breathing, circulation, and airway blockage, for example. A certified first responder is a first line of defense before a more highly qualified professional arrives; you’ll need to have a strong emergency plan to go along with a first responder treatment. Onsite Medics Onsite medics (such as those from Priority Safety Services & Rentals Ltd) are a step up from the emergency first responder; they can provide advanced life support to patients who are suffering a serious injury. An onsite medic is a crucial option for transporting a patient to the hospital safely while keeping their injuries from getting worse or becoming fatal. The medic can also help to coordinate onlookers to seek additional medical help. Often, a medic is supported by a hospital’s trauma care unit so that they can provide a quick response during an emergency. The medic will diagnose life threatening conditions and provide vital signs to the trauma team when they arrive. Registered Nurses Another option is to have a registered nurse administer routine and emergency care. The best registered nurses to choose are nurses who have experience in a trauma care unit or emergency room. A nurse is a great choice if you want to provide basic daily medical care to your business employees and clients in addition to emergency support. Each of these different care providers can help you to mitigate the risk of having an onsite medical emergency. Emergency care providers can help you provide a care package that includes partial or full-time onsite medical care, depending on your...

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